The TerserTude team is here to deliver - our advertisers' wishes are our goals! We give it our all. Because we care.

By using the latest technologies, we effectively reach any desired global markets. By offering professional tools, managed by experienced go-getters with industry knowhow, we reach your top tier audiences. By providing tailor-made campaigns and creative materials, we optimize audience targeting and increase conversions. We'll do that for you. Because we can.

Whether you're an app owner, an advertising agency or an advertising network - we will get your message out there, bringing high quality traffic and high user value. Because that's what we do.

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Smartphones, tablets, fast speed Internet & connectivity everywhere   ̶   thanks to technological capabilities and changing consumption habits, mobile is taking over the online landscape.


Publishers partnering with TerserTude enjoy the best CPC offers - with transparent and fixed prices for your traffic and a selection of available models, all you have to do is pick your package and we're good to go!

Newbie? Don't fret! All new publishers start off with the same great prices. This is our way to show you that building good relationships with our partners is a top priority. You put your faith in us and we'll put our faith in you.

At the end of the day, we're all here to do the same thing - maximize your profits and make the most of everything! So if you're dealing with in-app activities, have mobile web inventories, manage tablet traffic and more, we have lots to discuss...

To find the right package for you contact our media team.

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Alongside mobile, video is one of the rapidly growing and evolving ad-tech fields.
Working with leading video delivery platforms,
and abiding to all IAB standards, brand safety regulations, and cross-platform needs,
TerserTude also delivers premium video content and in-stream video ad campaigns
on mobile devices & across the web.

If you'd like to hear more about our professionally produced video offerings
and in-stream ad solutions, drop us a line - let's talk shop!

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